NodeFactory has now joined the ChainSafe family as of July! You can find us continuing the open source mission over at

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Blockchain R&D company

that turns ideas into reliable solutions.

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What we can do for you

Node Factory is committed to developing new technologies and leveraging them to make better applications worldwide.

Blockchain development

Starting from zero with can be hard. Let us boost your product development by taking care of the blockchain architecture!

Complete solutions

With variety of our skills we can help build your complete web or mobile app. That way you can quickly have your MVP launched.


We help companies achieve their business goals. Integrating blockchain with existing services? We are here to answer the tough questions.


We tackle blockchain base challenges, develop necessary tooling and protocols to help build better Web3 infrastructure.

Our approach


Validating the idea and identifying best approach is the most important for the right start. Critical thinking is a part of each our step.

Collaborative development

We will feel like a natural part of your team that can together create viable results. Yes, testing is always part of this process and possibly first.


We deliver unit-tested code with continuous integration and delivery. Deployment on testnet is strongly advised to be done first so you can be prepared for the mainnet.


Writing upgradeable and reliable apps is our focus. You support your users, we’ll support you.


circle ChainGuardian


All-in-one tool for Ethereum 2.0 validators. Analytics reporting with validator onboarding and deposit.

Desktop app development
Blockchain development
UX/UI design


Decentralized AI-powered investment and financing platform, community-driven and fully transparent.

Blockchain consulting
Mobile development
circle AllianceBlock
circle Hactar


Monitoring app for Filecoin miner nodes with statistics dashboard, earnings optimizations and offline alerts.

Web development
Go plugin development
Product management

Looking for more?

They have a variety of skills and possess insights regarding a wide array of subjects.
Matthijs de Vries
Matthijs de Vries, AllianceBlock
NodeFactory felt like a natural part of the team from the beginning.
John Potter
John Potter, Novo

Our thoughts

ChainGuardian app for Ethereum 2.0 validators is finally here! *beta release* image


Gutlic Belma
Belma Gutlić


Adventurous spirit with a passion for creating and developing new things.
Executive, but also a software engineer.

Petrunic Marin
Marin Petrunić

Chief of tech

CTO that loves to review code and find bugs as much as trying out new cuisine.

Muftic Mak
Mak Muftić

Software engineer

Chatty fullstack developer in a quest for knowledge and with passion for technology. Draws diagrams too.

Rubido Ivan
Ivan Rubido

Software engineer

Frontend developer with passion for details, jumping high and catching fishes underwater.

Mlinaric Nikola
Nikola Mlinarić

Software engineer

Backend, smart contract developer and our DJ in the office since day 1!

Petrunic Matija
Matija Petrunić

Software engineer

Backend developer trying to make sense of the blockchain ecosystem.

Stojanovic Bernard
Bernard Stojanović

Software engineer

Frontend developer that turned from a passionate gamer to a passionate code writer.

Mario Hržina
Mario Hržina

Software engineer

Frontend developer ready to make better blockchain interactions UX!

Tihomir Car
Tihomir Car

Software engineer

Backend developer making cross chain interoperability possible.

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